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    As society becomes increasingly reliant on technology to stay connected in both leisure and work pursuits, the digital telecom equipment marketplace announces an updated range of home communications solutions.

    TrustClarity Inc.’s latest launch provides you with both new and refurbished routers, smart hubs, and set-top boxes. The company’s streamlined, web-based marketplace is powered by AI to make finding the right devices easier than ever.

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    The announcement details an expanded inventory of industry-leading hardware. This includes broadband technology, offering you state-of-the-art performance for homes and businesses.

    According to Cisco, fixed broadband speeds are expected to triple by 2023 as high-end equipment becomes more readily available to consumers and 5G connectivity becomes more widespread. By this time, North America is projected to have 345 million internet users, enjoying average speeds of 141.8 Mbps.

    Among the newly released products is the SmartRG SR400ac – a carrier-grade ethernet router featuring a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and a dual-band Wi-Fi access point, fed by high-gain antennas. The device harnesses the latest 802.11ac technology, delivering coverage across your entire home at consistently fast speeds even at peak times.

    The SmartRG router is available both in brand new and reconditioned versions depending on your budget. Other advanced features include ‘Wireless Insight’, enabling rapid diagnosis of wi-fi connectivity issues within your home or office.

    Other products in TrustClarity’s updated range include a selection of Technicolor ISB7150 Series High-Definition IP Set-Top Boxes. This advanced unit offers you digital video recording functionality, the ability to simultaneously watch and record live tv, flexible HDTV support, and compatibility with operating systems such as Windows CE and Linux.

    About TrustClarity Inc.

    The platform allows authorized sellers to host dedicated digital storefronts, offering customers high-end technology at low rates. Trust Clarity Inc.’s marketplace provides insight for both businesses seeking to clear old inventory and consumers looking for high-quality refurbished or end-of-line technology.

    A spokesperson says, “Using AI, we take the guesswork out of determining price and specifications to optimally list and sell excess inventory. Our storefront enables buyers to simply relist and resell any excess purchases made.”

    With its latest product updates, TrustClarity Inc. continues to make leading communications technology affordable while preventing unnecessary waste.

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    If you’re tired of trawling the web for better deals on home communications technology, TrustClarity Inc. gives you access to the best equipment from authorized sellers. Whatever your budget, you’ll find what you need. Visit the website now!