Get The Best Labor Costs Management Software For Your Construction Business


    If you run a contracting business, chances are you’ve struggled with the skyrocketing costs of materials and labor. So don’t compromise on your management software — check out The Build today.

    Meet My Build, a leading technology partner for residential contractors, has launched their new construction management software. This tool reduces your material and labor expenses through efficient purchasing and management features.

    According to a recent Bloomberg report, the price of residential construction materials in the United States — such as wood and concrete — has increased by over 100% in the past year. With the latest launch, The Build helps you source affordable materials and increase your profits.

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    When it’s time to purchase supplies, you can use the app to list your required supplies and delivery priorities. Then, within four hours, you will receive bids from local dealers. After that, you can simply select the distributors from which you’d like to purchase, complete the transaction with a credit card, and wait for delivery.

    The Build helps you manage budgets, too. The app generates detailed receipts with each purchase, and stores quotes, financial records, and expenses. With this information conveniently stored in one place, you can ensure you never go over budget. In fact, the app notifies you should you overspend.

    You can also use The Build to manage your employees; the crew management feature allows you to designate employees to specific tasks or issues. Additionally, the tool can oversee an unlimited amount of employees, display each person’s availability, and store their contact information. For further budget management, the app provides you with updated labor costs based on your registered employees.

    With the latest announcement, The Build offers residential contractors like you a competitive edge during a challenging time by offering a free APP that acts like an intelligent admin assistant.

    The app was developed by Rob Casinover and Mo Hoque, two former real estate investors and home remodelers. The pair have leveraged their 12 years of experience into designing a sleek construction management tool.

    “Our vision is to create an ecosystem of construction solutions that foster creative problem solving,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We want to create tools that not only result in more prosperity for contractors but also have a positive impact on our planet.”

    Ready for a game-changing construction management tool? Visit to discover how The Build can help you increase your revenue.