Get The Best Los Angeles Cybersecurity Checklist To Minimize Attack Risk In 2021


    Investing in an effective cybersecurity strategy is crucial in 2021, since the majority of small businesses attacked by hackers close quickly after the data breach.

    inSOC, a Los Angeles company specializing in high-quality cybersecurity solutions, announced a series of new resources on essential cybersecurity practices for small businesses, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers). The company aims to empower you to develop proactive strategies to reduce the risk of a cyber attack and its potentially catastrophic consequences.

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    The latest resources have been designed to provide practical tips on improving small business data protection practices. inSOC has identified an increase in the number of small businesses being targeted by hackers – and with 60% of companies going out of business within months after a cyber attack, the company is aware of the urgent need for effective preventative policies.

    The report explains that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, since they often don’t implement any substantial protection strategies. Nearly half of all small businesses are attacked by hackers, and once the system is vulnerable it can often provide a gateway for hackers to threat larger businesses.

    inSOC has released a cybersecurity assessment checklist to help MSPs and MSSPs improve their communication with their clients and prevent cyber attacks. You’ll find essential aspects such as the existence of an alert system designed to detect login attempts from unauthorized areas, and the possibility of recovering lost data in the event of an attack.

    Jeff Gulick, CIO of inSOC, explains that investing in an effective protection strategy is essential.

    “Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise and their small businesses are more susceptible than ever,” Jeff says. “We see this all the time. They are not prepared. So 49 percent of successfully distributed malware is attacking small businesses and only 14 percent of those businesses are prepared to respond to that threat.”

    The cybersecurity assessment checklist aims to encourage you to invest in sustainable cybersecurity strategies, thus preventing serious damage and data loss.

    “We’re recommending some basic steps, starting with this quick and easy security checklist, as a way to start the cybersecurity discussion with your clients and show them how you can work with them to ensure they preserve the integrity and trust of their business,” Jeff added.

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