Get The Best New Classic Rock Inspired Music From Black Rock Candy’s New Single


    Do you love classic rock? Are you looking for fresh, new music to add to your playlists?

    Black Rock Candy, an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, has announced the release of their debut single and music video ‘All Too Much,’ which captures and rejuvenates the feeling and atmosphere of classic 90s rock.

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    The new single from Black Rock Candy sees the Southern Californian band release their debut track ‘All Too Much’ from their forthcoming album. The single combines the band’s love of classic rock, blues, and country into a heavy-hitting and catchy tune that will grab your attention and have you singing along.

    All Too Much provides you with a captivating single that highlights each member of Black Rock Candy’s individual musical talents while bringing together their classic rock influences. Furthermore, the newly released single’s accompanying music video, which was filmed by Matthew JC and edited by Ale Bonilla of 1307 productions, showcases Black Rock Candy’s energetic live performances, which the band has become well-known for. 

    The single’s theme was inspired by events that almost caused the band to split up and highlights the anger and frustrations they experienced during that time. By using their music as a means of processing the situation, the members of Black Rock Candy were able to focus their emotions into writing new material and returning to the music scene with a renewed energy.

    Black Rock Candy comprises five talented individuals, including vocalist Taylor Jennings, lead guitarist Isabella Jennings, drummer Aaron Ormond, bassist Grace Watkins, and keyboardist Samantha Yanis. All of Black Rock Candy’s band members, who are currently under twenty years of age, have each developed highly skilled musical abilities and an engaging stage presence, both of which are highlighted in their newest release. 

    As a five-piece, the band has been entertaining crowds since 2016 with their live performances across venues such as the famous Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood and featured at events including the Riverside Festival of Lights, Orange County Fair, and Lake Havasu WinterFest.

    Black Rock Candy’s new music video for All Too Much can be seen on YouTube, and you can purchase the track on the band’s website, as well as being available on major music streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify, which can be found here

    A fan review of the new single said, “This is so good! I love knowing that rock-n-roll is still alive and well.” 

    Discover your new favorite rock band with Black Rock Candy’s latest single, ‘All Too Much’ today!

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