Get The Best Robotic Window Cleaner For Homes Featuring Ultrasonic Water Spray


    Never waste time cleaning your own windows again – let the HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot do it for you automatically!

    Home Robot LLC, the offcial distributor of HOBOT Technology INC – a manufacturer of robotic home assistants, has released the HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot. It features a patented ultrasonic cleaning spray and two vacuum motor-powered cleaning wheels based on artificial intelligence technology.

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    The latest release in the HOBOT product line is specifically designed to clean your windows and other surfaces as thoroughly and effortlessly as possible.

    Robotic window cleaners work by attaching to glass and running automatically using motor-powered suction, allowing them to clean windows that would be tedious or even dangerous to clean manually. With the HOBOT-388, all you have to do is fill the water tank with cleaning solution, place it on your window, and let it do all of the work for you!

    The HOBOT-388 features a patented ultrasonic cleaning spray nozzle that atomizes water into a 15 micrometer mist and then evenly sprays it on the window’s surface. The process dissolves dirt and dust and leaves your glass surfaces completely polished and streak-free.

    The two cleaning wheels on the HOBOT-388 were designed using AI technology, allowing it to use a natural pattern of movement from top to bottom that mimics hand movement. Powered by a vacuum motor, the wheels rotate at up to 70 rpm and are covered in microfiber cleaning cloths that thoroughly remove all of the dust and dirt that are clinging to your windows’ surfaces.

    Because of the high suction provided by the vacuum motor, the HOBOT-388 is also able to clean more textured surfaces such as tile, partitions, mosaic windows and even wallpaper when used in dry mode. It can also clean hard-to-reach areas due to its low body height and sleek, slim design.

    Other features of the HOBOT-388 include smartphone and remote control options, a replaceable water tank, and pressure change detection, allowing it to automatically change direction when the edge of a surface is reached. The power cord can reach as long as 16 feet and connects with a secure DC connection that prevents it from releasing unexpectedly.

    With the latest product release, Home Robot LLC continues to introduce innovative home robots that further its vision of combining science and technology with everyday life.

    A spokesperson for the company said: “We are constantly striving to offer the highest quality robotic home assistants, and the HOBOT-388 has the most advanced technology yet. This product is perfect for people who want to spend less time cleaning their windows and more time with their families.”

    HOBOT has been producing high-quality robotic home window cleaners for years. Get the HOBOT-388 today for the effortlessly clean windows you deserve!

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