Get The Best Robust Waterproof Speaker For Your Outdoor Pursuits This Summer


    Are you fed up with breaking your portable speaker while you enjoy outdoor activities? Are you fed up with getting bruises from speakers that swing around aimlessly? Are you looking for a reliable, affordable, robust clip speaker? If you have answered ‘yes’, you need to read more!

    Arguably the world’s only waterproof true clip speaker for outdoor activities including fishing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and skateboarding has been launched. The VersaJam overcomes the issue experienced by many people, such as yourself, who buy clip speakers but end up with bruises when they realize the clip is simply a carabiner.

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    The newly launched clip speaker is designed to clip to your belts, bikinis, waders, a boat console, tree branches, boots, or backpacks. It is ideal for you if you enjoy outdoor pursuits as it is waterproof, it floats, glows in the dark, it is sand proof, and highly robust meaning it can withstand being dropped.

    While it is small it is loud and comes in a range of highly visible colors so that you can easily identify it in sand, water, dirt, or snow. A free lanyard and carabiner are included with the clip speaker. In case you are wondering, the VersaJam is one of the most versatile speakers available on the market and affordably priced when compared to other options.

    You can easily play your favorite music while fishing, hiking, or kayaking via the easy Bluetooth connectivity option. It can be quickly charged via a micro USB port and provides 6 hours of continuous playback. VersaJam can still be used while charging, which only takes approximately 30 minutes.

    The VersaJam was developed by people who love the outdoors, for people like you, who love the outdoors. The team behind the product say they were fed up with endlessly searching for a speaker that would fit snugly to their body while they were working, cycling, riding a motorbike, skiing, or enjoying any other outdoor pursuit.

    A company spokesperson said: “VersaJam was created by Thane Holland after he smashed his old speaker while fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. It kept bouncing around and hitting him every time he casted, jumped to a new boulder, or changed positions. VersaJam was born, the first bruise-less speaker.”

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