Get The Best Secret Dash Cam HD Recording For In-Car Video Even In Low Light


    If you’re looking for a superior upgrade over your existing dash cam, then this new product launch from Home Treasures Hub is for you. It provides two-way recording for the ultimate video experience.

    Whether you want to track accidents on the road or prevent break-ins, the dash cam offers quality solutions. It makes the ideal gift for any occasion, or a great upgrade for your own camera.

    Home Treasures Hub, the popular online store for gadgets and accessories, has launched the new dash cam recorder now. Aimed at 28 – 65 year olds looking for a better dash camera upgrade, it offers a secure fit that installs invisibly into the the rear-view mirror.

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    Customers visit Home Treasures Hub for low-cost deals on high quality items that can improve their life in key areas. Now the store has launched its new dash cam as part of a larger new product offering for nationwide customers.

    The high-definition dash cam ships directly from their USA warehouse, offering reliable service across the country. You will find that it is easy to set up, fits well, and offers cutting-edge functionality.

    Unlike many other cameras on the market, the newly launched cam from Home Treasures Hub features a dual-recording option. It records both the front view and back for added insight to any on-road situation that occurs while driving.

    The new camera is an efficient way to record accidents or crimes occurring on the road. The in-car view also serves as a security feature, because the camera initiates recording automatically when it detects shock or motion.

    This means that if your car is broken into, the secret dash cam can capture footage. The auto-wake and sleep functionality also makes it easier for the you, because you don’t have to remember to turn the camera on or off when entering or exiting the vehicle.

    The new model has a larger screen and better video recording than the previous model. This makes it a popular gift to give family, friends, or colleagues who are looking to upgrade their existing cam.

    Features include an ultra-thin body design, support for night vision, and motion detection. It comes with a high-definition and wide-angle lens, and can record even in low illumination.

    A recent customer said: “This is a great product! I already purchased several for family and friends. It works seamlessly. Turns on and off with my car so I don’t have to think about it at all. The cord is long enough to hide it in the edges of the car trim so you don’t even see any cords.”

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