Get The Best Spooky Celebration Halloween Party Goodie Bags From This Retailer


    Want to make sure every trick-or-treater is treated fairly when they visit your home this Halloween? Want to hand out goodies that match your decor? How about using the new paper goodie bags from WG Wholesale Inc?

    The company’s newest products are thoughtfully designed to complement customers’ Halloween decorations and are particularly useful to help during party preparation.

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    The latest announcement comes as the weather turns cool and crisp, and many of us begin thinking about Halloween celebrations and preparing items to pass out to trick-or-treaters.

    The paper treat bags from WG Wholesale Inc come in six different designs, colored yellow, orange, lime, black, purple, or green. Each bag is printed with a Halloween-themed image to match the bag’s color, including designs with pumpkins, black cats, witches, bats, balloons, ghosts, candy corn, spiders, haunted houses, skulls, and a Frankenstein’s Monster.

    Provided in a multipack of 40 treat bags, the Amazon-sold products also come with 45 stickers, in matching Halloween designs, to help you seal the filled bags. Due to the current pandemic situation, this is more convenient and hygienic for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, as it reduces your chances of cross-contamination. It also makes the process simpler and ensures each of your visitors receives the same amount of treats.

    When opened, the small paper treat bags are around 10 inches by 4 inches in size, which is well-suited to most traditional Halloween candy, goodies, novelty items, and puzzles. Though the images printed on the goodie bags are seasonal and spooky-themed, they are child-friendly and suitable for kids of all ages.

    One suggestion for use from the Amazon retailer puts forward the idea of filling the treat bags with candy, adding toys and puzzles, and sealing them to place outside the door. If you’re not a fan of engaging with trick-or-treaters but still want to partake in the fun, this is a great idea to avoid the otherwise inevitable ‘tricks’ that Halloween night is famous for.

    With the latest announcement, WG Wholesale continues to invest in providing customers with quality, affordable party items for a finishing touch to Halloween celebrations, all available online via Amazon.

    WG Wholesale is the Amazon retailer you can rely on for seasonally-themed party products and celebration decor this Halloween!

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