Get The Best Surveillance Video Tool To Prevent Death During School Shootings


    Do you work in security or law enforcement? What do you do when there is an active shooter at your local school? Are you aware you could increase your tactical response time while reducing the likelihood of civilian deaths with this solution? Read on to find out how RAPID-IQ can help you!

    The latest update from Stealth Entry, which is based in Westerville, OH, comes at a time when parents, students, and teachers are increasingly concerned about school safety. You may have heard about the violence near Ohio State’s campus, which was widely reported in the media last month. In such an event, RAPID-IQ can help reduce the loss of life.

    You should know about this solution if you work in law enforcement, school board, universities, colleges, and public buildings. The team behind Stealth Entry knows that shootings are time-critical situations whereby you and other first responders need accurate information immediately. This can help you assess the scene for casualties, locate the shooter, and prevent any further loss of life or injury.

    RAPID-IQ is a patent-pending solution that uses geo-fenced positioning software similar to that used by the military alongside a live-stream video feed. It enables you to analyze events as they unfold, so you can implement an effective tactical response plan.

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    In case you are wondering, the key reason for the development of the RAPID-IQ system is to prevent casualties and reduce loss of life during mass shootings. It also reduces the time it takes for you to mobilize an effective response to serious incidents, regardless of where they are taking place.

    Stealth Entry offers a fully inclusive cyber security defense solution for individuals, businesses, and organizations. The company was founded by Israel Arroyo, Jr., who uses his military experience to help citizens increase their chances of surviving a shooting, whether it takes place at a school campus, government building, or an entertainment venue.

    A company spokesperson said: “The Stealth Entry Cyber Threat Operations Center takes a fully holistic view of your organization’s security threat-scape using the latest threat hunting, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, insider threat, a forensic chain of custody, patch management, and incident response techniques.”

    With violent gun crime on the rise, there has never been a better time to implement a robust security solution. RAPID-IQ ensures law enforcement agencies respond as quickly as possible with the information they need to minimize loss of life during shootings.

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