Get The Best Tech Support 24/7 With This Santa Clara Network Management Company


    It’s a huge challenge to make sure your network systems have the scalability and security capabilities to support the growth of your business. Why not outsource all those tech headaches to BACS and make IT easy?

    As businesses become ever more reliant on technology to sustain growth in the digital era, the IT consultancy firm from Santa Clara has just announced an expansion of its network management and security services for commercial clients.

    BACS has launched updated digital infrastructure configuration solutions to help your business meet the challenges of network optimization and scalable system installation. The company offers you dynamic and creative expertise in reducing inefficiency and improving the performance of IT networks.

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    The latest announcement details a range of benefits for BACS customers, including inspection, assessment, strategy creation, operational design, maintenance, and security. The company’s highly skilled engineers combine technical expertise with an innate understanding of the needs of modern businesses.

    According to Business Wire, the global market for network management systems is predicted to reach $12.12 billion by 2027. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis has necessitated greater reliance on online operations with thousands of businesses in the US alone seeking outsourced IT support to maximize efficiency amid a challenging economic climate.

    In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, growth can only be initiated and sustained with the right digital infrastructure. BACS offers you insight and practical support, helping to facilitate your business vision with actionable system improvements.

    You also benefit from the team’s expertise in network security. BACS provides a detailed inspection and assessment of potential areas of weakness, addressing problem areas before they lead to serious data breaches.

    BACS also ensures continuity of service, preventing untimely power outages and attendant workflow crises. In addition, the company offers expertise in cloud-based systems and virtual infrastructure, keeping your business operational with the latest software improvements and data storage solutions.

    All work carried out by the company comes with a guarantee and assurance of the highest quality customer care. BACS ensures you can always reach out for remote or in-person support.

    About BACS

    Since its inception in 2010, BACS has grown to become one of California’s leading IT contractors. The company was founded by brothers Jeremy (CEO) and Mike Kushner (CCO) along with CIO James Berger.

    A satisfied client says, “BACS provides significant value to our organization, enabling us to be more agile and responsive by providing superb day-to-day front-end user support, infrastructure and systems administration, as well as tailored project consulting services.”

    With the latest expansion of its services, BACS continues to set the standard for competitively priced expertise in network implementation and management.

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    Whether you run a small or large business, investing in professional network management is the only surefire way to survive and thrive in today’s digital world. Talk to BACS today!