Get The Best Technical Support And Customer Service Solutions For Your Business


    If you want to provide professional technical support and customer services to your valuable clients in a lower cost more efficient way, Technology Source has the solution for you!

    Technology Source, the Sourcing-as-a-Service company with offices in California, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, announced the launch of an updated range of services for companies that need call centers, customer service and technical support solutions to improve their efficiency. The company helps businesses to source providers for technology services such as telecom, computing, software applications, data centers and IT.

    Any industry that seeks to interact with customers more efficiently can benefit from a call center and improved customer service and technical support. The newly launched services at Technology Source are ideal for companies looking to integrate work from home employees.

    Call centers, customer service and technical support services enable you to provide quicker responses and problem resolution to your customers.

    Your company can now use Technology Source’s Sourcing-as-a-Service platform at no cost to quickly and easily shop for and deploy all of these services. You can buy wholesale voice over IP and SIP services and add technologies like SMS to existing numbers. You can also add cloud based services to have an omnipresence with your clients and a distributed workforce that can work from home.

    With Technology Source, these services can be purchased separately in order to improve customer response times, with less labor and minimal investment.

    Technology Source is a full service technology distributor with a portfolio which includes Cloud, SD-WAN/MPLS, Voice, Internet, Security, Software, Applications, Computing, and other related products from over 150 global service providers.

    More information can be found at and

    With the recent announcement, the company aims to help you with all of your technological concerns and provide you with affordable solutions that increase your businesses productivity like SMS Skills Based Routing and Cueing that can overly on top of all existing systems and SMS enable all of your existing toll free numbers. Give each operator the ability to service 5 clients at once.

    A satisfied client said: “I have been working alongside with Technology Source for about four months and they have been extremely helpful. They are quick to respond to emails with any questions I have. Very efficient, saved me time and cut costs for my company. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of voice, data or cloud for their business!”

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