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    Would you like a way to streamline the administrative tasks of running your medical practice? Want to be able to keep all of your information in one place? Then Power Diary has just what you need!

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    The newly updated services have been developed to help simplify and streamline general administrative tasks for individual healthcare practitioners and medical practices.

    Practice management software (PMS) is software designed to help practitioners with appointment bookings, create and manage patient records and simplify creating invoices and bills for patients. Built around a core calendar, the program stores patient details for client management and includes features specifically tailored to the type of healthcare the customer uses the software for.

    Created by clinicians for clinicians, the company’s software is different simply because it’s value-driven and built around a formula for empowered health practices. Power Diary prioritizes 6 practices that combine to create success for practitioners: strong finances, positive client outcomes, robust processes, growth, work-life balance, and minimal admin.

    The company’s unique practice management software offers you a wide range of features to suit your needs, including straightforward calendar management, online forms and note-taking tools, bookings systems, automated SMS and email communications, tools for telehealth video calls and reports and analytics, amongst other things.

    By providing you with a streamlined, affordable tool, Power Diary provides software that works for the individual needs of every health care or medical practitioner. Whether you work alone as a solitary practitioner or the program is needed for a practice of 30 or more, the company has a suitable plan at an affordable price, with a free 14-day trial.

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    This latest service launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing valuable tools and software for medical practitioners, for trust empowered health practices.

    A satisfied customer said: “Power Diary has made my life at my clinic so easy. From the client portal, custom invoices, sales reports, etc – even for a small business like mine, it all increases my professional image and efficiency. One of the best features is the customizable clinic note template. Being able to create clinic notes for each type of patient and each interaction has made my patient management so much easier.”

    Power Diary is the company you can rely on to provide software that’s designed and tested by practitioners to meet your practice’s every need!

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