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    Midwest metal manufacturers can achieve their most ambitious production goals with Reger Laser’s metal processing equipment — call today to find out how they can increase efficiency and lower costs for your steel manufacturing facility! (847) 814-1184

    The Yorkville, IL-based provider of metal processing equipment updated its sales, maintenance, repair, training, and software implementation services. It also furnished its 24/7 expert phone support.

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    The update aims to increase the productivity of your Midwest metal manufacturing center while also lowering your costs and streamlining your equipment maintenance process.

    Metal fabrication is believed to date back to ancient Egyptians’ crafting of elaborate gold jewelry around 4000 BCE. Today, metal processing and manufacture are used in everything from jewelry to component parts to satellites, cars, bridges, and buildings.

    By 2027, the global market for sheet metal fabrication services will reach a projected $4.3 billion. To stay competitive, metal processors and manufactures will need to step up their game.

    The cutting of thick steel is a critical aspect of industrial manufacturing. Reger Laser provides laser sales and service, on-site ongoing preventative maintenance, software implementation and training, data preservation, complex CAD design, and computer-aided cutting instructions.

    Tanaka laser equipment produces consistently professional, accurate results for you with its industry-leading fiber or CO2 laser systems. As an Official North American New Tanaka Laser Sales provider, Reger Laser is uniquely positioned to offer you exclusive benefits. 

    These benefits include access to the latest Tanaka models, genuine original Tanaka parts at below-market prices, reduced downtime for repairs, and lower-cost service requests.

    Metal manufacturers that use laser cutting usually employ all-in-one nesting software in combination with complex computer-assisted design (CAD) software. Nesting software takes your design and plans the most efficient, least wasteful way to cut the metal.

    Reger Laser endorses Sigmanest’s nesting software and provides implementation services for you as well as ongoing technical support. Sigmanest integrates seamlessly with both Tanaka and FANUC lasers.

    Founded by Jason Reger, a twenty-year industry veteran, Reger Laser has been serving metal manufacturers of the Chicago area and the entire Midwest since 2007.

    A spokesman for the company commented: “Regardless of the current state of the economy, controlling maintenance and operating costs are always an important goal. Tanaka’s New Fiber Laser cutting machines prove the way it can be achieved.”

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