Get Top Family Photos & Share Them Easily With This Colorado Springs Experts


    Looking for an easy way to share your professional family photos with your friends and loved ones? This Colorado Springs studio has developed a super easy-to-use solution just for that!

    AM Studios, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado has released a professional explainer video showcasing the company’s new photo-sharing process. The feature ensures maximum safety and fast distribution to all parties via social media, text, and email.

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    Even though the company is located in Colorado Springs, its proprietary system now allows you to send your photos around the world with the company’s built-in distribution system.

    This Explainer Video shares how you can now use the flash shop viewing and ordering features directly from your smartphone. You can share the professional digital photos to anyone using AM Studio’s digital photo sharing process. The video clearly explains how it is now easier and faster than ever to get photos to your loved ones, business associates, and others by utilizing this convenient photo-sharing process.

    The first step is the receiving of a text that allows you to download the app. The video then shows that once this is done you have full access to all the photos in your shoot. The images are copyrighted and ready to view, purchase and download the same day as the photo shoot.

    Photo sessions may be safely and conveniently purchased online and include a total of 30 pictures. The video explains that as you picks the photos you want, the watermark is removed and the full copyright is granted to you. From that point the photos becomes your full property. Photos may be cropped, shared on Facebook and Instagram, including adding platform’s favorite filters to produce customized results.

    The company has recently added another option for you – you can purchase the digital version of your photos only. This allows you the opportunity to enjoy the company’s services for a highly affordable price.

    A final option the video features is how you can order eight or more prints and enjoy full digital and physical access to your photos. That way you can send your digital photos to friends and family and keep the prints on hand to frame or show without a device.

    The release of this video by AM Studios explains a new photo sharing system and simplifies it so you can take full advantage of all the benefits it offers.

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