Grow Your Marketing Practice With This Custom Restaurant Ordering Solution


    If you’re an online marketer looking for a high-demand new service to offer your clients, OrdersIn is exactly what you need!

    OrdersIn, a restaurant marketing software, announced a new digital menu ordering platform for digital marketers interested in providing high-quality restaurant marketing solutions. The system offers a fully customizable online menu and ordering system which can easily be adapted to the needs of any restaurant.

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    The company’s recent announcement aims to help digital marketers provide a high-value marketing solution to local restaurants in their areas. Studies show that the majority of US consumers order delivery or takeout once a week, with an increasing proportion using the internet to do so. Having an easy to use online ordering system is becoming essential for modern restaurants – and that’s when you come in!

    With OrdersIn, you can provide a much needed solution for restaurants in your area. The system is entirely cloud-based and allows restaurants and retailers to accept online orders from local customers.

    You can either create a separate brand for your new restaurant marketing service, or simply add OrdersIn to your current agency’s solutions. Regardless of your choice, you get full control over your OrdersIn interface, with all websites and landing pages featuring only your branding and logos.

    If you choose to promote OrdersIn you’ll be provided with all the necessary instruction, training and support, as well as a dedicated business page.

    OrdersIn has been designed as a turnkey software solution, requiring no additional coding or website development skills.

    An OrdersIn spoksperson said: “You just take it and run with it! You’ll be provided with a fully-functional marketing website under your own unique brand (the OrdersIn brand will not appear anywhere) and domain, which will display your products, pricing, and feature real-time interactive product demos. Then it’s pretty much as simple as 1-2-3…This opportunity enables you to provide local businesses with the tech support they absolutely need if they want to stay relevant in today’s environment.”

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