Hit Your Fitness Goals At Home With PrimalThenics Workout App


    A new app has been launched making it easier to hit your fitness goals with the best home-based workouts. PrimalThenics gives you all the programs and routines you need to get fitter, stronger, and more toned.

    Regardless of your health and fitness dreams, PrimalThenics can help. You can choose from a variety of workouts to keep things fresh, and train smarter.

    PrimalThenics is an at-home bodyweight movement, mobility and fitness training app that can help users to reach their goals, get fitter and improve wellness.

    More information can be found at: https://primalthenics.com/home

    The app allows users to train smarter and more effectively from the comfort of their own home. It has a library of workouts with 5,500 minutes of training accessible anytime, anywhere on demand.

    This wide range of options ensures that users won’t get bored when working out. They can choose from a variety of strength, cardio and mobility work to provide their body with what it needs.

    The app has been designed specifically for all walks of life, and can be enjoyed by users of all experience levels. Users get access to training videos with Olympians, ex-professional athletes, and more.

    Membership is available on a monthly and yearly basis. Anyone can register through the online website, and begin training smarter right away.

    PrimalThenics is a training program based solely on bodyweight exercises. Workouts are specifically designed to combine mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness all at the same time.

    This makes it a unique all in one program that can help users to meet their fitness goals more reliably. The program is suited to anyone’s level of mobility, conditioning or ability.

    By using the app, anyone can include more fitness and training in their daily routine. Working out regularly can help people to feel happier, help with weight loss, build muscle, and increase energy levels. Working out also helps with relaxation, sleep quality, brain health and memory.

    Bodyweight training itself has numerous advantages to other forms of fitness. Bodyweight exercises can be carried out any time, anywhere, making them more accessible than gym-based routines.

    They can lead to better balance, flexibility and mobility, and improve strength and conditioning.

    Full details of the app can be found at: https://primalthenics.com/home