How Do You Stay Together Forever? Get Science-Backed Relationship Advice Online


    Making your relationship work doesn’t have to be rocket science. A few small acts every day, and you’ll build a stronger emotional connection in no time. Learn all about it in this video series from FixMyRelationship.TV!

    A core focal point of the new episodes is a formula for staying together for longer. The move comes as divorce rates continue to rise, and currently, around 50% of all marriages in the US end in separation.

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    A feature in a recent Time Magazine article, shows that the key to a strong relationship is maintaining emotional responsiveness. FixMyRelationship.TV covers this and more in its new expansion, providing you with actionable insights that can improve your connection.

    Each video from FixMyRelationship.TV centers on a key relationship issue. The latest series introduces proven strategies for adding vibrancy to relationships, keeping interactions fresh and exciting, and reducing heartache.

    Studies cited in the Harvard Gazette show that love activates the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates pleasure centers and increases your serotonin levels.

    As covered in the expanded series, maintaining a strong emotional connection is integral to enjoying this response over an extended period of time. Positivity is also a key component in ensuring you have a long-lasting, happy relationship.

    Experts highlight that an effective way to foster this positivity is to begin by offering a compliment every day.

    FixMyRelationship.TV is a subscription TV service that you can watch on all your devices, including on iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. It’s easy for you to subscribe, and once signed up, you can watch any topic on demand.

    Popular options include a show on teachable concepts leading to relationship harmony, finding work/life balance, and how to slow down when the pace of life feels too quick.

    For families, videos include how to resolve fights in an amicable way, homeschooling hacks, and activities that the whole family can enjoy.

    By signing up for FixMyRelationship.TV, you can learn strategies and lessons that you can apply to your daily life to get more from your relationships and family time.

    A spokesperson for the program states: “We cover a variety of relationship topics, including how to develop and maintain healthy relationships and interactions both as children and parents, for couples, those in friendships, and for daily co-worker interactions.”

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