Implement Online Holding Page Virtual Waiting Room To Prevent Site Crashes


    Are you worried about high-volume traffic affecting your business? If you want to protect yourself against traffic surges and site downtime, this is the service you need!

    Queue Fair has announced the launch of its latest traffic management solution for online stores and events. Their virtual waiting room service aims to avoid website crashes by managing traffic peaks in the most effective way.

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    The newly launched queue management solution from Queue Fair offers affordable and reliable website surge protection that’s simple to implement. Their focus is on providing you with a tool you can trust within budget.

    By ensuring your website remains running even in the face of high traffic surges, you are able to make more orders and sales while avoiding lost traffic.

    Queue Fair created the technology to provide peace of mind and added security. It’s now used by businesses across sectors, including retail stores and ticketed events.

    One of the main challenges that online businesses face in the event of traffic surges is an overload or crash. With this cutting-edge technology, you can be sure that your website or app will continue to run smoothly.

    Once the traffic management solution has been implemented, excess visitors are sent to a branded queue landing page. Large audiences can then be let back into the site on a first-come, first-served basis.

    A primary benefit of implementing the system is that your visitors are assured of the same quality and responsive site-browsing experience every time they visit the company website. By ensuring that customers always have the same experience, you are able to maintain an authoritative and professional appearance while enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Research shows that even the world’s biggest websites experience overwhelm when faced with sudden traffic surges. Downtime costs can be huge, so it’s important to implement a procedure that helps to save time, energy and money.

    When an eCommerce website crashes, there are a number of issues that your business faces. These can include campaign-related problems like damage to an SEO strategy, or loss of revenue.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “We spent a lot of time learning about how customers react to waiting, to queuing online and in real life, and the psychology for both turns out to be very similar. We’ll all wait in line, almost happily, as long as we feel the end justifies the means.”

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