Improve Posture At Work With This Ergonomic Back Support Pain Relief Chair


    Do you struggle with back pain when you sit for extended periods of time? Are you looking for the best office chair for full back support?

    A newly updated ergonomic office chair has been launched by all33, with the aim of improving posture and reducing back pain for customers. The BackStrong C1 has been created to enhance overall wellness, whether used at home or work.

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    The newly updated product range has patented Sit in Motion technology that ensures optimal lumbar support. In addition to this, the ergonomic design moves all 33 of your vertebrae, helping to create a more comfortable sitting position.

    The science-based chair has been featured on Shark Tank for its unique and wellness-enhancing design. Now the team at all33 has expanded its product range to ensure more customers can benefit.

    You can choose from two styles: vegan leather or fabric. Each is available in different colors to ensure you can match your decor or office style.

    The pain-relieving chair design improves flexibility and helps you to feel more energized after sitting for extended periods of time. Many customers also cite that it has helped them to gain more back strength, due to the position it helps them to maintain.

    One of the benefits of the chair is that it’s easy to assemble, with the full setup taking less than 10 minutes.

    You can use the product to improve your posture and rely on the patented technology to respond better to any working movement you make. The core feature is that it ensures optimal posture throughout the day.

    The team at all33 explains that, unlike other chairs on the market, their product allows natural movement of the pelvis and back while you’re using it. This not only promotes improved blood flow, but ensures increased flexibility even after sitting for hours.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “Designed by LA’s leading chiropractor, our chairs have earned the support of the wellness community. World-renowned Dr. Travis Stork believes the all33 BackStrong chair is a must-have for anyone who sits throughout the day.”

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