Improve Your Small Business Profitability With This Cash Budget Planning Report


    Are you a new small business owner? Do you currently use cash budgeting software for accurate planning? Do you want to better understand your cash flow to avoid shortfalls throughout the year? If you have answered ‘yes,’ this is the report for you!

    A new report has been launched by Elevate Financial Training in a bid to support you if you are a new or existing business owner and you need to understand the importance of a cash budget for your business success. The team behind the report explains smart financial plans that are realistic and consider the complex elements of running your business are essential.

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    The newly launched report highlights the fact that you need to understand how money flows through your business so you can future-proof your company and plan for both best and worst-case scenarios in financial terms.

    They add that while you and your finance team may create budgets that look good on paper, they may not consider how money moves through your business. The Elevate Financial Training team explains that you can use your cash budget to see how profitable your business is.

    For instance, a budget or calculations that look good on paper may not reflect your true financial situation explains the report. It adds that if money is moving within your business on a different schedule to what is expected, this can cause you to face shortfalls throughout the year.

    To illustrate this point, the report details a common issue whereby some of your customers may pay every 60 days while your bills may be due every 30 days. Knowing when cash is coming in and going out of your business is crucial for your budget planning and cash flow mapping.

    Accounts payable and accounts receivable can be affected by these plans, which is why you may benefit from thinking about your long-term goals. The team explains that when you have long-term goals, you can set achievable targets.

    A spokesperson said: “Forecasting should not be left to chance – it is an especially important exercise for any business. As many business owners will understand, sales performance can vary greatly from month to month.”

    “As growth and changes within the business occur, you can act on your role as an advisor by helping your client manage their cash budget and prepare for any short-term borrowing needs,” they added.

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