Iron Mountain Refrigeration Celebrates Success With Move to New Location


    In Pleasant Prairie, or across Wisconsin, it doesn’t have to be a challenge to get the best in commercial refrigeration products and accessories at attractive prices. Bristol’s Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment has worked hard to build a reputation for premium products, fair pricing, and always attentive customer support. Building off of their ongoing local success, the company recently announced exciting news. Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment is moving to a new location. This newly built warehouse and office space are in the Pleasant Prairie business park at 10550 86th ave. It is double the size of the company’s previous location at 50K square feet and is conveniently located closer to the interstate. It will eventually include both a showroom and a local sales office.

    “We are extremely pleased with being able to take this big step forward to better serve our customers and set ourselves up for continued, comfortable, growth,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We look forward in 2021 and beyond for the opportunity to continue to exceed customer expectations on all orders large or small!”

    Some highlights of what Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment offer includes counter height back bar coolers, bar freezers, deep well bottle coolers, dual tap kegerators, refrigerated pizza sandwich prep tables, commercial kitchen refrigerators, freezers for restaurant kitchen equipment, glass door refrigerator coolers, glass-front display freezers, small or large deli cases, commercial ice makers, Slushie Machines and Juice Dispensers and much, much more.

    All products are added to the company’s catalog based on quality first. The Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment team understands this is vital to win customer loyalty. If customers experience a power outage they need to be able to count on their commercial refrigeration choices not letting them down, or else the harm could be extremely large from ruined product. When a business’s income is at least partly based on what’s in their refrigerator, having the best commercial refrigerator product appropriate for a business’s needs is an absolute must.

    Most products are available with different door options. Solid doors for products where cooler temperatures are a priority, or pleasant looking glass doors so that customers can see what’s available, a retail strategy that traditionally almost always boosts sales. Retail stores require a good refrigeration system in place for all of their beverage and food options. All products are designed to be simple and quick to clean, to help keep hygiene and food safety standards high, without extra effort.

    While the company specializes in commercial products they also happily serve residential customers. Free shipping is offered with all orders, including to residences.

    Feedback for Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment continues to be completely positive.

    Dave S., from Bristol, recently said in a five-star review, “We are extremely pleased with the three different refrigeration products we bought from Iron Mountain. The sales team is awesome and helped us find exactly what we needed when we were a bit uncertain. They were also quick to answer any questions we had. This is going to continue to be our source for related needs in the future. Highly recommended!”

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