Keep Your Home & Business Safe With This Cutting Edge AI Security System


    Standard video surveillance and alarm systems take minutes to call the authorities – plenty of time for the burglar to take your stuff and leave. You need to take active steps to keep your home and business safe, and Deep Sentinel is the perfect choice!

    Home Security Focus, an informative website on the latest home security news, has released a full report on the AI-based Deep Sentinel home security system. The report explains the technology behind Deep Sentinel, as well as the way in which it combines AI video surveillance with human intervention to reduce response time and deter potential intruders.

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    The newly launched report aims to provide a consumer-oriented overview of Deep Sentinel, an increasingly popular home security solution.

    Home security and surveillance systems have significantly increased residential security, as studies show that more than 60% of burglars would not target a home with visible video surveillance. If a property crime does occur, however, standard video surveillance and alarm systems have a relatively slow response time.

    Though it may take just one minute before the monitoring center is notified, the police may be alerted only approximately eight minutes after the alarm has been triggered – which in most cases gives the perpetrator enough time to leave the property.

    The Home Security Focus report explains that Deep Sentinel solves this problem by relying on cutting-edge AI video analysis to identify potential intruders as early as possible.

    The system then notifies the Deep Sentinel live human intervention team, which can engage the perpetrator using a two-way audio system, as well as alert the authorities in seconds rather than minutes. This is an efficient way to stop potential break-ins, package thefts and other property crimes.

    The report concludes that Deep Sentinel is an effective home security choice if you’re interested in taking active steps to protect your property, rather than simply have video proof of property crimes. The system can also be used to protect commercial properties or monitor storefronts and warehouses.

    The report states: “A home security system is better than no home security system, but without real-time human verification and engagement, it’s a false sense of security at best. Deep Sentinel involvement means real-time steps to engage, deter, and alert police as the situation is unfolding beyond the front door. In 30 seconds or less.”

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