Kickstart Your Print-On-Demand E-Commerce Business With Ricky Mataka’s Slingly


    Creating an e-com online business gives you the freedom to dictate when and how you work, how much money you’re able to make, what message you want to share, and so much more. But launching an eCom website is not easy when you do not have the right tools and guidance.

    That’s why Ricky Mataka created Slingly Pro, an eCom software automation program that enables you to effortlessly run a sustainable and profitable eCom business. With Slingly Pro, you can build your own print-on-demand business. Ricky gives you access to 1000s of professional designs ready for you to sell across 32 product types including jewelry, mugs, apparel, canvas art, and more.

    Slngly helps you to build your eCom business way faster. You can bring your big goas to life

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    Slingly users can leverage this software tool to connect with the top eCom software platforms, including Shopify, Woo Commerce, Click Funnels, Etsy, and Gear Bubbles.

    Slingly Pro users get access to all future software upgrades that can help them automate their eCommerce completely and access to the Sniffly Ecommerce research portal and the ultimate eCom training Slingly Academy that will ensure their business success.

    During the training sessions, users will learn how to generate 7-figure targeted traffic to their eCom site and how to boost sales and revenue.

    The Slignly platform features thousands of done-for-you POD designs that can be used on different products including tote bags, shirts, pillows, tank tops, leggings, and more. E-commerce enthusiasts can leverage already-made product catalogs to enable instant selling in any niche.

    The click-sourcing aspect of the automation tool enables instant sourcing and deploying of products to eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

    Slingly Pro features an e-commerce website and a set of powerful software tools for building and running the online store. It provides users with the necessary resources to create from scratch their own e-Com business or enhance an existing one. You will learn how to identify the most popular products and hot trends. You will be able to supply retailers with new and up-to-date products that you know are now in demand. You will be utilizing the best and most efficient platform for e-commerce in the world.

    Ricky Mataka has an excellent track record selling products online: with years of experience in software development, he and his team of marketing and operational experts have run several seven-figure e-commerce businesses. He has built up a wealth of resources in the industry and has spoken at several high profile events.

    You can find more information about Ricky Mataka’s new eCom automation tool Slingly by visiting