Klen App Rates Health and Safety Procedures Undertaken by Austin TX Businesses


    Do you need a simple but effective way to inform customers about how you’re dealing with the current pandemic? Klen App offers a clever and innovative solution!

    Data Innovation Labs, a data science and intelligence firm, announces the launch of a new enterprise app called Klēn. The mobile software uses first-hand data and artificial intelligence to generate a score that indicates the COVID-19 compliance of your business.

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    The company says that having a numeric grade makes it easier for your business to communicate how well you are responding to the current pandemic. The score also provides assurance to customers, who are more likely to patronize businesses that take steps to protect their health and safety.

    Klēn is suitable for brick-and-mortar establishments that offer in-person services, such as restaurants, salons, grocery stores, and malls. It can be used by companies of all sizes, whether you own a small family-run company or a national chain.

    You may begin signing up for Klēn’s early access beta-testing. There are plans designed for small-and-medium enterprises and large companies that have 15 or more locations.

    Businesses who claim a free trial are asked to create an account for your establishment. You will then answer a questionnaire that asks which CDC, state, and local guidelines your company has complied with.

    These answers, along with aggregated customer feedback, will be the basis for your Klēn score. You must earn at least a score of 3 to get a passing grade.

    You will also get access to a centralized dashboard that shows the latest safety guidelines issued by relevant authorities. You will also receive market insights, such as which cleaning procedures and safety measures matter most to customers.

    DIL says that Klen App is their response to help societies and economies overcome the upheaval caused by the current pandemic. The app has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, TED Talks, Thrive Global, and The Today Show.

    A representative from the company says: “In a time of great uncertainty, transparency is the best weapon. This is exactly what Klen App hopes to provide businesses and their customers.”

    Easily show your customers how you are protecting their health and safety with Klēn. Sign up for the early access beta-testing today!

    You can find more information about Klēn and its features through this link.