Lift Your Spirits For Halloween With This Variety Greeting Card & Sticker Set


    The 90-piece set will lift the spirits of adults and children alike. Witch your friends or colleagues a happy Halloween with 6 spook-tacular designs. In addition to 30 cards, the pack also includes 30 envelopes and 30 fang-tastic stickers to spread the holiday cheer.

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    When was the last time you actually sent a card to someone? Have your children ever sent or received a greeting card? This new set provides you with everything you need to show people you’re thinking about them.

    The custom of sending written cards to celebrate an occasion or friendship can be traced back as far as the 1400s. The advent of digital technology has seen physical, written cards steadily replaced by e-mail varieties or, in many cases, a simple text message.

    That’s easy, but it’s hardly very exciting, is it? In fact, sending a text message is probably telling your friends that you can’t be bothered doing anything that requires more than 5 seconds. The 4 x 5 inch Halloween sets from WG Wholesale are designed to recapture the joy and romanticism of sending and receiving written cards.

    As with text messages, it’s advisable when sending greeting cards to have a variety of designs. This shows your friends, who probably know each other, that some thought and effort has gone into the process. The new selection offers 6 different Halloween themes that are equally well-suited for both adults and children.

    The first of these is a cartoon-styled black cat, surrounded by traditional icons such as balloons, bones, and a pumpkin. The second design features a witch’s hat and broom, surrounded by bats and ghosts, while the third includes the familiar pumpkin and witch’s cauldron, along with the words ‘Trick or Treat’.

    In addition to a further 3 designs, you will also receive 30 envelopes, as well as 30 Halloween-themed stickers. For younger generations, the cards provide an opportunity to discover the excitement of sending and receiving greetings through traditional mail services. Remember when putting something in an envelope and posting it was a thing? Never mind your kids, you might even have some fun yourself.

    A company representative stated: “These 4 x 5 inches greeting cards with Halloween envelopes and printed stickers are perfect for a spooky invitation that gives a frightfully fun Halloween message to your kids, family, and guests. It will make a lasting impression and excitement for all.”

    Put some effort into this Halloween and discover the joy you get back. Click on so you can get your Halloween cards today.