Listen to Free Paranormal Audio & Podcast Recommendations On Vurbl


    Are you a fan of eerie paranormal and supernatural stories? Go to and listen to a large selection of free podcasts and audio of chilling events and phenomena from around the world., a new podcast and audio streaming platform, has launched a paranormal station featuring podcasts and other audio content focused on paranormal and supernatural stories and events.

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    The newly launched Vurbl Paranormal station includes podcasts and audio files on some of the most popular and widely talked about paranormal stories, as well as little known real life supernatural mysteries.

    The station’s playlists feature a broad array of events and phenomena, such as exorcisms and possessions, Bigfoot sightings, and UFOs and aliens. Supernatural enthusiasts will also find ghost stories, audio of unexplained sounds, tales of haunted places, and more.

    Among the famous paranormal events highlighted in the station are the Dyatlov Pass incident, the exorcism of Anna Eklund, and the exploits of Ed and Lorraine Warren, considered the first real “ghost hunters” in history.

    The station’s playlists are a mix of original content and curated selections of audio files, such as National Geographic’s Halloween History, Inside Edition’s “The Source Behind a Mystery Sound Heard Around the World”, and podcasts from paranormal channels like Ghost Town, Unsolved Mysteries of the World, and more.

    All files may be accessed for free. You can easily find the subjects you’re interested in through categorized portals on the website. The platform also automatically generates recommendations based on your queries and previous selections. was launched in 2020, with the goal of providing a one-stop-shop platform for podcast and audio content creators and listeners. At its launch, it featured more than 25 million curated audio files in various genres.

    The platform follows the YouTube format where content contributors may create their own stations and add their own podcasts and video files, with opportunities for monetization. features over 40 stations in a wide range of categories, from entertainment and politics to conspiracy theories and spirituality.

    According to Audra Everett Gold, founder of Vurbl, “We do believe our timing for Vurbl’s launch could not be better. More than ever, people are searching for free digital entertainment and learning resources to fill the time they used to spend at events, parties, social gatherings and work.”

    Get your fill of otherworldly mysteries and stories from Vurbl Paranormal, and be prepared for the unexpected.

    You can learn more by clicking on the URL mentioned above.