Magnetic Filtration Croatia Reduces Heavy Machinery Downtime


    Are you looking for solutions to extend the lifespan of your equipment? Vento Global brings you cutting-edge filtration technology to increase life and decrease the costs of your mining, oil, gas, and energy equipment.

    A new cost-effective solution has been launched to meet the rising demands in oil, gas, mining, and energy production by using a cutting-edge magnetic filtration system. Miroslav Gojak and his team at Vento Global explain how this advanced technical solution can be utilized to extend the lifetime of existing power production systems and reduce the cost of maintenance. With this self-developed and patented technology, companies can now increase their profitability and generate new revenue streams.

    One of the main concerns facing mentioned industries is the cost of spare part machinery replacement, repair, and maintenance. Large amounts of particles are forming in all lubricated systems due to wear out. The magnetic filtration technologies capture these ferrous and non-ferrous particles responsible for equipment breakdown, high maintenance costs, and energy consumption.

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    Vento Global, a Croatian distributor of radial-field magnetic filters, provides magnetic filtration technology to prolong the life of hydraulics, pumps, valves, pipelines, turbines, rotational equipment, gearboxes, and other infrastructure and assets. They partnered with One Eye Industries (OEI) and Black Powder Solutions (BPS) from Canada to enable fully customized solutions to help the client get an individualized product.

    Corrosion and erosion are all sources of black powder, explain the team. It is problematic as once formed, black powder will continue to build, leaving all your piping and equipment vulnerable to its erosional impacts, states Miroslav. Compared to conventional systems, magnetic filters can offer substantial holding strength and high dirt holding capacity with more effective results due to their radial magnetic field design.

    Using a patented magnetic filtration system as an inline full-flow system to remove black powder, they can deduct 95% of particles below one micron. While it initially forms as a sulfur-based corrosion product from microbial and chemical interactions, it can continue to build as iron sulfide and iron oxide through hydrocarbon pipelines and facilities.

    Magnetic filters protect pumps, valves, and process equipment and are designed to operate without causing flow restrictions. They can be cleaned and reused, saving on replacement costs beneficial to the mining, oil, gas, and energy production companies.

    In line with the company’s commitment to providing magnetic filtration solutions, environmental impacts are decreased, do not consume energy to operate, and result in lower carbon emissions along with OEM equipment working and maintenance outlays.

    Vento Global is a Croatian-based firm that operates worldwide. With the update, the company aims to offer innovative solutions contributing to sustainability standards and ensuring a safe work environment while still helping you meet high profitable goals.

    Using magnetic filter separators, you can quickly achieve rapid payback, equipment lifetime extension, production cost reduction, and safety and environment improvements. As an alternative to capital investment, leasing options are available for you.

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    Magnetic filtration system improves the operational efficiency of already installed equipment and extends maintenance downtime and unnecessary replacements. Some of its equipment is approaching two decades of service.

    The founder of the company, Miroslav Gojak, said: “Technologies that are innovative, simple, effective, reliable, and applicable are the only ones that are acceptable to me. I’m here to help you find the game-changing solution that will extend the lifetime of your equipment to the period where its design truly allows it.”