Mailerlite Vs ConvertKit Report Tells You Which Email Marketing Tool Is Best


    Are you looking for the best email marketing service to help grow your business? There are hundreds out there but which is best for your company? Most won’t come close to what you need, but one or two will look pretty good. This means differentiating between software benefits is key. 

    Scott Hall is the founder of, a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in small business growth and profitability. With the release of his recent report, entitled “Mailerlite vs. ConvertKit – Which One Should You Use?”, Hall can help you understand the differences between two well-known email marketing packages so you can decide which tool best suits your overall needs and goals.

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    Email marketing is essential for small business growth. It can increase your market share, forge new segments, increase your customer base, and contribute to strong, long-term customer relationships. To help you select the right package for your business needs, Scott’s Mailerlite vs. ConvertKit side-by-side comparison report checks all the boxes.

    Did you know that personalized email messages can improve your site’s click-through rate by an average of 14%, and your conversions by 10%? Furthermore, consumers who buy products marketed through email strategies spend 138% more than people who don’t receive promotional emails. For these reasons and many more, implementing an email marketing strategy guarantees you’ll enjoy a range of valuable benefits.

    In his report, Scott says you should resist the temptation to try to save money by using the free version of an email marketing tool. Since the value of any email strategy lies in its customization, the free version will not accomplish your intended goals, and will instead waste time and other resources.

    To guide you toward the right email marketing brand for your company, Scott put Mailerlite and ConvertKit to the test. His findings reveal that, if you’re a content creator, you’ll probably find that ConvertKit is the better choice. If you’re a business owner, you’ll most likely find the flexibility offered by Mailerlite more suitable.

    Scott’s comparison report goes on to evaluate both packages based on campaign building interface, subscriber building processes, text-based emails, automated features, and price performance.

    With over twenty years of expertise in search marketing and ten in enterprise software, Scott has the background and analytical skillset required to evaluate and match the right email marketing software to your individual small business concerns.

    The release of his company’s Mailerlite vs. ConvertKit report will help you understand which package you should settle on to increase your customer base and achieve your overall goals.

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