Martin Koloc: Whether you like it or not, fully-electric racing cars are the future of motorsport!


    According to Jan Kalivoda, Buggyra’s head of communication, this marks the team’s new chapter of development. “Five years ago, when we started with ‘green’ activities, we were called naive dreamers. Today’s reality is that European trucks race mostly on biofuel, so we said – if we had managed to do so with trucks, why not to push other series towards more environmentally friendly technology as well?”


    And the team principal Martin Koloc shares the same opinion, as he says that it is not possible to stop development and time. “Whether you like it or not, fully-electric racing cars are the future of motorsport. We’re on our way there, and it’s getting more and more traction. And if you don’t jump on the train soon enough, you’ll be left out,” said the two-time European truck racing champion.“As a team principal of a team that is not looking just 2 years ahead, but 20 years ahead, I know there is no point to even discuss it. It’s happening. Take it or leave it.” “Yesterday, I was still driving a racing truck, and today, I tested an electric single-seater for the very first time. Both categories are totally different, the car reacts very differently to throttle inputs, and it drives so lightly,” said Aliyyah, who also was intrigued by a fact that it did not have a gearbox.


    Meanwhile, Yasmeen was fascinated by acceleration.“Even in comparison to a Mercedes-AMG GT4, which is a very fast car, it’s like a rocket. And completely silent,” she added laughing.


    Within the industry, eRacing is gaining massive traction and an inaugural European ERA Championship- the world’s first all electric junior formula racing series- has been scheduled for the next year, with more details to be released soon.


    ERA Championship Sporting Director Beth Georgiou was present at the testing. “They are both very talented girls, who managed to get used to a completely different car in a very short time. I’d say that the debut went well and I’m glad that I could be there for it.”

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