Minting of 9.999 Exclusive NFT Collections announced by Cyclops Monkey Club.


    The Cyclops Monkey Club is an exclusive collection of 9.999 NFTs, stored as ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each NFT is unique and comes with a membership to an exclusive group of successful entrepreneurs, investors, superstars.

    Among a huge number of new NEF (a non-fungible token) projects introduced every day in the world, the Cyclops Monkey Club has achieved great success before its pre-sale starts by building a unique exclusive membership club never seen before in a short time aiming to show to the world the strength and influential, which will lead to taking over the Metaverse.

    With its extremely identical and eye-catching feature of NFTs, the Cyclops Monkey Club has gathered nearly 50K members onboard in a week. The Cyclops Monkey Club was founded on the basis of helping young and old entrepreneurs to achieve their goals together in a community that will bring all the club members to success.

    The unique system which has brought the project one of the most hyped and interesting NFT projects ever is “The Specials Monkeys”; 10 special Cyclops Monkeys will enable their NFT holders to earn 10,000 USD each in ETH. The holders of these special NFTs will lead the project to success by taking the key roles to develop the exclusive community. The owners will be rewarded once the Cyclops Monkeys are sold out.

    With this established system, the Cyclops Monkey Club is highly endorsed by celebrities and NFT Whales and will sponsor the world’s biggest sporting events such as UFC fights, the Superbowl, and NBA games to increase its exposure.

    The minting for the pre-sale to the Whitelist Members will take place on the 6th of December followed by the public sale on the 7th of December.

    By minting a Cyclops Monkey, the member is able to buy digital art which becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain. The digital artwork is represented as an NFT which can be traded in the market and digitally tracked as it is resold or collected again in the future.

    About Cyclops Monkeys Club:

    A strong NFT community has a goal of helping entrepreneurs worldwide to become successful together with the community. The community will help and support people who have great ideas which can be launched through Cyclops Monkeys Club. The Cyclops Monkey Club is a collection of 9.999 unique NFTs that will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Twitter: Cyclops Monkey Club