New Household Store Offers Star Projectors For Kids Bedroom & Household Items


    Are you looking for something new to brighten your kid’s room? Or perhaps some useful tools to help around the house? Check out these great new products!

    The online merchandise store Ash Merch has launched an expanded range of household products on its e-commerce platform.

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    The recently updated product range includes items that can make daily chores easier, as well as a number of novel and fun products to brighten the home.

    The new universal splash filter faucet provides 720-degree rotation functionality, allowing you to direct the water stream in multiple directions other than straight down.

    Made from copper, the durable unit attaches to standard faucet fittings and is useful for filling awkwardly shaped containers or drinking from. The universal faucet contains four filters, providing additional water cleanliness.

    The new multifunction vegetable cutter is made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. The hand-held slicer contains changeable steel blades that can perform cutting, grating, slicing and mashing functions.

    The slicer is eco-friendly and comes with an integrated container to catch the items being cut. The unit also has a storage container to protect blades that are not in use.

    Ash Merch has also launched a portable folding washing machine with up to 4.5kg capacity. The new device runs on 220v and uses less than 100W of power.

    The portable washing machine has a semi-automatic standard wash function and is useful for small loads in confined spaces or to take on vacation.

    The new smart star projector from Ash Merch is compatible with Alexa controls, and can create interesting atmospheres in a variety of household spaces such as bedrooms, home cinemas or campervans.

    The unit can project 16 million colors in a range of different display settings. It can be activated via voice-command or smart-phone and includes countdown and timer functions.

    In addition to household products, Ash Merch also has collections in the giftware, toy, and fashion categories. The company offers complementary shipping worldwide.

    A company representative stated: “Ash Merch offers a carefully curated collection of merchandise you can buy with confidence. We believe you deserve the highest value for your dollar, and we’ve gone the distance to deliver. Explore our collections and shop today.”

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