New Marketing Platform – Rhino Emancipation, Distributive Marketing at Its Best


    Seven months after keeping it under wraps, Rhino Research unveils the world’s first distributive marketing platform.

    Beyond being a clunky term, what is “Distributive Marketing”? I’ll tell you!

    Big Tech corporations have suppressed the concept for a long time – it’s no secret who the players are.

    They’re worth over 4 trillion dollars by giving away free stuff. People really think it’s free. I don’t get it. It’s not free, people are sacrificing their personal data for it.

    Therefore, Rhino Research LLC decided it was time to change things up. They invented a new business model for the future. Everyone wins, from businesses that make sales to customers who are directly benefited, and indirectly from just being involved. Also, customers’ living environments are better off.

    How does distributive marketing work?

    It’s a concept, ‘The Golden Rule,’ that even moms teach their kids. You should treat others like you’d like to be treated. Don’t take advantage of people. I’m the same as everyone.

    Rhino Emancipation works just like this. That’s their most anticipated mobile app, if you were wondering.

    How did they come up with this great idea?

    117,347 companies were asked: “Would you rather spend a small fraction of your marketing budget on clients than buy all their data?”

    847,912 non-businesses, or just regular people, were asked: “Do you like it when a company shares money directly with you instead of contributing thousands to buy your data?”.

    It was a resounding YES, no surprises there.

    The development of Rhino Emancipation began then. That’s what the old marketing system needed to evolve into.

    Here’s what Distributive Marketing is all about.

    There’s a mobile app for every business. They make money and contribute small sums.

    Contributions from businesses go to Rhino Emancipation, an app for everyone else. On the first of every month, this app will distribute profits to all registered users. The result will be millions of users for Rhino Emancipation. Users can benefit too if they help others, and welcome them on board.

    Therefore, businesses with the Rhino Business app can sell directly to people with the non-business app. Customers will buy stuff. Why not? The app keeps them engaged and pays them every month just for using it.

    Moreover, business owners won’t have to worry about unfair algorithms that only benefit the big boys. Their high-quality customers will be reachable directly. And guess what. No more banned ad accounts. No more disapproved ads. No more money down the drain.

    You can read the company’s publication about their launch week here. As you can see it was published also on Yahoo Finance. So this is as real as it gets.

    Their network is growing, and they’re onboarding new partners, businesses of all kinds. This is a groundbreaking way of reaching potential customers, for very low marketing costs. It’s low budget because there’s no middleman.

    The Rhino Research LLC team will have daily live presentations for all interested parties, especially businesses until all first spots of onboarding are gone. All the details will be there, and anyone can get in touch and book a call with the actual founder. A real team is on hand to help.