Play American Online Game To Win Real Money And Contribute To Children’s Charity.


    The America Game T.A.G. brings you its simple yet adventurous online treasure hunt. You can win a cash price of $10000 by correctly guessing the game riddle and you can win another $5000 by finding the actual treasure located at the riddle address. A part of the profits of every game played will be donated to a children’s charity, allowing you to do something special for the lives of many children.

    With the announcement of this game, this organization aims to provide a fun and safe adventure game for as many people as possible. This game is created to enable you to play from your home. The founders of the game will also donate a portion of the profits of each game to local children’s charities.

    The America Game allows you to win $15000 in just a couple of weeks. Players can earn solve the riddle and win $10000, and by actually finding the treasure, they can win an additional $5000. They also have several other games with different prize packages. This game is not like a lottery or gambling. It is a legal, legitimate way to have fun and win large cash prizes, by outwitting opponents and being the first to win this treasure hunt. T.A.G. is also running completely free games right now worth $100 each game. You do not have to leave the the house to win these games.

    You should first register for the game. You can register for many games at a time. The maximum number of players is 1000. A hint will be given that points to the solution, in the game description. You can gain entry to private rooms through email and Facebook. Then you have to wait for the game to start.

    You can use weekly clues sent by email and on Facebook, to make your guesses with regard to the location of the treasure. The total prize money for every game will be based on the entries.

    A part of the profits from every game will be donated to a children’s charity from states around the country. The America Game’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness for children and families in America. They aim to do this by providing high-quality education from early childhood, supportive housing, education for parents, and therapeutic services. They also want to prevent and resolve child abduction and the family conflicts that cause it.

    For more information visit their website at or You can call them on +1-505-249-2968.