Prepare Targeted Coaching Plans Easily With A Call Center QA Service Dashboard


    When you’re managing a call center, you know that manual training of your agents can eat up a lot of time, especially when you have a large team.

    Call Criteria, a company specializing in contact center quality assurance services, has come up with a proprietary coaching dashboard among their range of service benefits. With the dashboard in place, your call center can implement the right coaching plans to adequately serve your agents’ needs.

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    The software represents the company’s dedication to providing all the tools you need to become a thriving call center. The interface features a 360-degree visibility of all your agents and their calls, facilitating performance improvement efforts.

    By giving convenient access to your agents’ performance data, Call Criteria enables you to prepare targeted coaching plans. With all the records you need stored in one central location, you can spot and address specific problems with utmost accuracy.

    The software is flexible enough to allow you to determine which scores require coaching and when it should start. Should coaching issues arise, the dashboard allows all levels of staff to raise them. Users can also readily review all of the identified points for coaching.

    With the coaching interface, data processing is not a problem either. Coaching issues can be sorted with ease according to individual agents or teams. In case the records are needed on another platform, the data can also be exported in .csv file format.

    Based in Los Angeles, California, Call Criteria is dedicated to providing call centers with a full range of services encompassing quality assurance, coaching, sales performance, and AI-enabled voice analytics. Their QA solutions are geared toward enabling contact centers to identify gaps in their processes, improve their internal systems, and achieve productivity benefits.

    As the company states, “Whether your QA needs revolve around emails, calls, texts, chats or otherwise, Call Criteria’s algorithmic and data-driven approach allows for a highly dynamic and customizable platform while maintaining a flexible and user-friendly UI for quick adoption and integrated coaching facilitation.”

    Coaching doesn’t have to be difficult! You may visit the above website to learn more.