Protect Your Collaborative CAD Data IP With This Blockchain-Based Solution


    Do you worry about the vulnerability of your digital CAD assets? Have you considered protecting them during collaborative projects? If you want to leverage blockchain’s immutability and data integrity to protect your IP, this is the solution for you!

    The newly piloted solution from CADChain, BORIS, is a cost effective, reliable, and simple approach to a challenging problem. As you may know, the digital economy is providing accessibility and opportunities for all globally. However, vulnerabilities arise when valuable intellectual assets, such as data, are shared with different parties. Misuse and misappropriation of intellectual property, such as computer aided design (CAD) data, is the perfect example.

    View more details about CADChain’s BORIS: CADChain’s BORIS for Autodesk Inventor (

    How often do you create CAD designs and need to collaborate on projects, sharing this data and perhaps even having to transfer over ownership? CADChain’s newest solution recognises that while the need for sharing and collaborating during the design phase of any product is essential, the rate at which unprotected digital assets are being created is unprecedented. This has the potential to create a ‘perfect storm’ whereby creators and owners cannot adequately protect their work.

    Therefore, the solution’s end-to-end security and tracking ensures you are protected while your CAD work is in development or changes ownership. This gives you peace of mind whether you are working alone, collaborating, or working within a client partnership.

    Although CADChain is a relatively new seed-funded company, it has grown from four members to 25 in the space of six months. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Violetta Shishkina, has a clear vision for the future: “We’re creating a novel company that is delivering tangible value”. You can view Violetta’s LinkedIn profile at

    She champions gender balance within her workforce and is aiming for a 50/50 gender split, as she knows diverse teams outperform those that are single-sex or heavily biased towards one gender. In addition, she places an emphasis on strengthening the company offering by hiring individuals who meet specific skill sets. Read more about gender balance at

    For instance, Claudio Cocorocchia is a recent strategic hire who comes from the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) leadership team, where he was responsible for the organisation’s digital business services unit. He has joined CADChain as a senior advisor and believes the company offers a unique proposition that is effectively leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for the benefit of designers like you.

    He commented: “CADChain provides a game-changing solution needed by today’s designers. It mitigates real risks caused by the shortened and rapid product development cycles of today’s digital economy, where sensitive data is constantly being shared. The solution makes CAD files more secure, easier to control, share and in the future, license, whilst reducing the risk of infringement or misuse – CADChain democratises intellectual asset protection and management for design data.”

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    Company CEO and co-founder, Violetta Shishkina, said: “The balance of qualities and perspectives makes CADChain a place of innovation; great teamwork is achieved through excellent communication, quick problem-solving, and mutual attention.”

    “A gender equality policy ensures not only great teamwork and brilliant performance, which creates the ideal environment for business to flourish, but also credibility as it shows the company’s social responsibility awareness,” she added.

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