Protect Your Home & Family In The Most Reliable Way With Deep Sentinel


    With Deep Sentinel, you can protect your home using real-time human monitoring and fast police response. Every second counts when it comes to preventing crime, and it’s here where Deep Sentinel excels.

    As soon as the cameras detect something, they stream to AI within seconds. Guards then watch in real time and can verify what’s happening.

    They can then alert the police the moment they’re sure of a crime. This ensures a higher level of protection and helps to prevent home intrusion, trespassing, thefts, vandalism and more.

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    The newly launched home security system works through a combination of cutting edge technology and processes. Initially, cameras detect motion and stream within seconds to a local AI to detect potential threats.

    Live guards watch every time a person enters or exits the home instantly. This provides reliable verification and can ensure a faster response when an incident occurs.

    Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds rather than minutes.

    Further to this, the AI system is always learning because it processes 50+ images per second. This helps to ensure a faster, more seamless process and get the best results.

    Research shows that about 60% of burglars will avoid houses with a security system visible. However, that still leaves 40% who are willing to take the chance.

    When burglary incidents occur, the most important factor in preventing them or catching the criminals is response time. That’s where many security systems fail, but it’s where Deep Sentinel excels.

    The problem for police is that over 90% of incidents are false alarms. At that rate, it’s impossible for them to respond to every situation.

    However, with Deep Sentinel, cases can be confirmed quickly and effortlessly. Then, once it’s clear a crime is taking place, fast response can be initiated.

    Deep Sentinel means real time steps to engage, deter and alert police as the situation is unfolding.

    A recent customer said: “The guard de-escalating the situation before calling the cops was exactly what I had wanted out of a security system. I was in a meeting while my wife was scared for the safety of our kids, and Deep Sentinel deescalated the situation so effortlessly.”

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