Protect Your Organizational Data From Ransomware With This Specialist Report


    Are you aware of the damage your organization or business could suffer because of a ransomware attack? Do you know how to keep your employee, customer, and financial data secure? Do you want to learn practical ransomware prevention techniques? If you have answered ‘yes,’ this is the special report for you!

    A provider of specialist turnkey cybersecurity solutions has launched a new report aimed at you if you own or operate a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) or small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME). The inSOC Inc., team explain you may be unaware of the impact a ransomware cybersecurity attack could have on your organization.

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    The newly launched report is designed to explain how you can protect your organization and employees from ransomware and the ways in which Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can secure your data from attacks.

    In case you are wondering, ransomware is a popular option for criminals explain the team because it is lucrative, quick, and easy. They add that a typical ransomware scenario may involve a fake email being sent to one of your employees or an individual with an enticing weblink that encourages them to download malware.

    While this may not sound too problematic, the inSOC team explain the malware will detonate on a scheduled date and encrypt all the data on local drives and file shares the user has access to. At this point, you and your team will lose the ability to access critical documents and systems, from sales records, to employee payroll details and entrusted customer information.

    Aside from significant data loss, downtime, and financial loss, in this situation you risk losing the trust of your customers and employees through data breaches. The report continues by explaining you have only three options once you have been hacked.

    You can pay the ransom to release your data, recover whatever data you can from backups without payment, or you can start over. Chief Information Officer for inSOC Jeff Gulick explains all these options are bad because you will either be added to a target list that highlights organizations that pay ransomware fees, or you lose your data.

    A representative said: “Ransomware can impact large companies and small businesses equally, but the largest companies make the headlines. The most forward-thinking companies are finally taking ransomware seriously and are working toward prevention.”

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