Read Why Stephen Ranciato Believes AR And VR Will Positively Shape The Future


    Are you interested in new and emerging technologies as tools to solve future problems? Would you like to read about the future of virtual and augmented reality from the perspective of a software engineer and game developer? If you want to find out more, this is the report for you!

    A Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Game Developer based in New Haven, CT, has launched a report on the potential uses of VR for good. Stephen Ranciato is specializing in AR/VR at Holberton School with aspirations to solve future challenges with new and emerging technologies.

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    As you may have experienced yourself, technology has positively affected the way we communicate during the pandemic. In his new report, Stephen explains the abundant opportunities for VR as a technological solution to new and existing challenges.

    Whether you have been video calling, messaging, or using online gaming platforms, your social interactions have probably become digitized. Although restrictions are easing and the hope is a return to normality, the extent to which the pandemic has changed the way we interact is yet to be determined.

    However, another perspective to consider is those individuals who face social isolation regardless of the pandemic, whether because of anxiety, a medical condition, or factors that cause them to withdraw. If this is you, you may benefit from VR activities for your emotional wellbeing.

    Regarding gaming, Stephen states that developers have an ethical responsibility to you and other users, including limiting harmful or negative stereotypes. This can enable you to embrace progressive characters and avatars to bridge cultural, gender, or racial divides.

    In addition, implementing AR or VR technologies can offer you a safe space against online harassment and bullying. As you may be aware, Stephen notes the rise of social media has led to increased cyberbullying and the spread of toxic messages.

    Proven systems in VR have enabled gamers to create a block to prevent other users from interacting with them. This will become more important in the future, as regulators may be required to step in and hold social media platforms accountable for effectively monitoring their sites.

    A collaborator who recommends Stephen wrote: “When he sets his mind to a problem, his drive to find a solution is relentless. This dedication is inspiring, but Stephen is also a team player, a motivator, and a gentleman.”

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