Reduce Phishing Attacks & Secure Your Business With AI-Driven SaaS Protection


    If you want the best phishing protection for your business, PhishFirewall offers cutting-edge solutions. You can protect your business and educate your staff to avoid damaging attacks.

    PhishFirewall utilizes the latest in AI solutions to protect you and your business. Check out their service today to see what the team can do for you!

    PhishFirewall has launched a new AI-driven SaaS service to help reduce the impact of phishing on businesses. The fully automated service offers high levels of protection and deals with the human element to have significant impact on user behavior.

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    The site explains that PhishFirewall was created to provide a different approach to business protection. The company offers you the latest AI-powered automation for individualized phishing simulations and education.

    Their solutions can be applied across sectors to provide efficient and transformational benefits to businesses. The AI service gets to know each employee’s individual habits and needs. This ensures a more accurate and efficient system for training and education.

    With the adaptable system, good users who respond well to the models receive less training while bad users get more training. This helps to ensure that the entire staff and the business is protected.

    As part of their training process, they provide effective content with entertaining messages and simplified content. The team understands the psychology of learning, and this is replicated in their AI systems that deploy behavioral modification tactics.

    Alongside this, the service provides detailed analytics to enable companies to make more informed decisions. Insightful data allows clients to identify which of their employees could be a weak link.

    Research shows that 89% of a company’s phish clicks originate from just over 1% of their staff population. For this reason, it is highly important to reduce phishing clicks below 1%. This is where the new service launch can help.

    Successful phishing involves a scammer gaining access to an individual’s or company’s personal data. This could include login information or banking details. These can then be used to withdraw money or make unauthorized transactions.

    It’s for this reason that PhishFirewall strives to provide high quality and reliable service. They aim to provide the highest level of protection for clients.

    They state: “At PhishFirewall, we believe that technology alone cannot solve the phishing problem without first addressing the human issue. For this reason, PhishFirewall was created. A fully automated, AI-driven, SaaS platform that is more effective in changing users’ behavior.”

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