Reduce Post-Workout Cramps and Dehydration with Additive-Free Dill Pickle Juice.


    The use of dill pickle juice to combat muscle cramps and replenish electrolytes has been gaining momentum in the health community. For the uninitiated, this may sound bizarre or even silly. However, the current research on this trend shows that the benefits are scientifically legitimate.

    Many products on the market contain additives such as sugar or alcohol. Though some may enjoy these added ingredients, they do not enhance the way the product works. While there are some naturally occurring sugars in pure dill pickle juice, any additives simply make for empty calories.

    Bob Holmes, founder of guarantees a clean and natural product. In his bio on the website, Holmes shares that natural pickle juice offers as much as 10 times more electrolytes than sports drinks. At only 2oz per serving, these tiny “shots” certainly pack a punch.

    Holmes’ website offers 12-shot cases of pre-packaged dill juice for only $13.99. The shots are packaged in small, clear lidded containers that resemble what you might use for salsa or salad dressing.

    Ounce for ounce, jugs of dill pickle juice may be less expensive, but who wants to lug around a giant glass carton of juice that you’re only drinking 2oz of at a time? Holmes’ pre-packaged product, with a guarantee of purity, is far more reasonable and convenient.

    Research indicates that 2-3oz is the optimal serving size for the health benefits that pickle juice provides. Pre-packaged “shots” at the right amount make it easier to carry these to sporting events, picnics, or a day at the beach.

    Dill juice is a fantastic way to replenish what we lose when we’re out in the hot sun or engaged in rigorous activity. Far smaller than a sports drink, and with significantly less sugar, 2oz dill shots are tasty, totable, treats.

    Holmes, the founder, even suggests that children may enjoy them frozen, right out of the container. If you’re one of those with more of a “sour tooth” than a sweet tooth, a frozen dill shot may be your new favorite way to cool off on a hot day.

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