Reduce Stress & Anxiety With These New Resin Diamond Painting Kits


    If you’re a fan of adult coloring books or stress-reducing arts and crafts, you’ll love these new diamond painting kits. They’re great fun, offer a wealth of health benefits, and there are plenty of options to choose from!

    If the pandemic has got you down, then trying diamond painting could be just what you need to relieve anxiety. Check out the new range of products today!

    DiamondXpres has launched a new collection of diamond painting kits to provide customers with a wide range of options for their hobby needs. Diamond painting has grow in popularity in recent years, and has been linked to numerous mental health benefits.

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    With each of the newly launched diamond painting kits, customers receive all the painting tools the need to get started. The kits also come with a canvas so that customers can begin painting right away.

    Diamond painting follows the trend of adult coloring books as a method for easing anxiety, reducing stress, and enjoying art therapy. The hobby has numerous mental, emotional and intellectual health benefits, and is a fully stress-free activity.

    In this way, diamond painting offers customers the chance to enjoy an easier, faster alternative to cross stitch. The process involves applying small resin diamonds to a DMC-coded adhesive canvas. This produces an eye-catching mosaic painting.

    Because it’s such an intricate and involved process, there are proven stress and anxiety relief benefits. For this reason, diamond painting has become increasingly popular during the ongoing pandemic. DiamondXpres aims to provide customers with all the kits they need to enjoy a stress-free diamond painting experience.

    In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, there are a number of other benefits to diamond painting. The activity can train the brain to focus, helps to improve fine motor skills, and increases creativity.

    Because the customer works in a focused way, the logical manner of the painting induces a state of increased focus. As the diamonds are so small, the process also helps to improve hand-eye coordination.

    Many of the new kits are unique to DiamondXpres and can’t be found in any other diamond painting store. DiamondXpress offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, free shipping on all their orders, and 24/7 customer service as part of their commitment to the best service.

    The company states: “Just order your diamond painting and you are good to go. No need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment and diamond paintings require very few additional tools to complete.”

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