Reduce The Heavy Machinery Maintenance Costs With Magnetic Filtration System Croatia


    Do you want to reduce the cost of heavy-duty machinery maintenance and repair? Go to Vento Global to find out about magnetic filters that can cut your maintenance costs and save your equipment!

    Croatian company Vento Global, a distributor of heavy industry engineering solutions, has launched a new cutting-edge magnetic filtration system. It is designed to cut the maintenance costs of heavy machinery by 50% and extend the life of equipment in heavy industries. Using a patented magnetic separator system as an inline full-flow system to remove black powder, you can now reduce your carbon footprint by extending equipment longevity and reducing the disposal of items during routine maintenance and servicing.

    The products are available through a partnership with One Eye Industries and Black Powder Solutions. The announcement comes at a time of mounting pressure on the mining, oil, and gas industries that are facing global ecological and economic imperatives.

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    One of the main issues facing mining, oil, and gas industries is a high percentage of the contaminant that builds up and accumulates in gearboxes, hydraulics, pumps, refineries, pipelines, and water systems. This causes flow restrictions, premature wear out, failures, and large costs associated with the process.

    The team explains that corrosion and erosion are sources of black powder. Initially, it forms as a sulfur-based corrosion product from microbial and chemical interactions and continues to build as iron sulfide and iron oxide through hydrocarbon pipelines and facilities.

    It is problematic as once formed, black powder will continue to build, leaving all your piping and equipment vulnerable to its erosional impacts, states Miroslav the owner at Vento Global.

    The efficiency of the magnetic filtration system is increased by an electrostatic charge that attracts a high percentage of ferrous and much of the non-ferrous contaminant particles and is able to remove 95% of particles from the system, rating from below one micron for more effective results.

    As you may be aware, conventional filters are costly, need frequent changing and disposal as opposed to magnetic separators that can be cleaned and reused, saving on replacement costs on already installed equipment. Due to their innovative radial magnetic field design, the filters are able to offer substantial holding strength and high dirt holding capacity while protecting pumps, valves, and process equipment.

    In case you are wondering, the latest launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing the magnetic filtration system that can help you meet high sustainability standards while still remaining profitable and ensuring a safe work environment. You can now improve the usage of resources and assets by applying new and innovative technologies that bring about positive change.

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    In addition to oil, gas, mining, and energy, Vento Global magnetic filtration systems are employed in commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine sectors. Leasing options are available as an alternative to capital investment.

    Miroslav Gojak is the founder of the Croatian company Vento Global, an engineer and entrepreneur with a personal commitment to making the heavy industry more environmentally friendly. He said: “Technologies that are innovative, simple, effective, reliable, and applicable are the only ones that are acceptable to me. My strong belief is that this approach can overcome the world’s significant challenges and help create a sustainable economy, acceptable from both economic and ecological aspects.”

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