Refine Your Call Center Processes With QA Services Sales Software Dashboard


    Not all QA services are the same! There are those that give you the bare minimum, and then there are those that deliver pertinent, actionable information.

    Specializing in quality assurance solutions, Call Criteria has come up with their signature sales performance tracking software to better cater to the needs of contact centers. Serving industries like insurance, mortgage, and automotive, the company provides you with a deeper understanding of the factors that affect yours sales.

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    Traditionally, call centers would employ QA specialists to determine whether or not a call has led to a sale. Through the company’s software, however, you get access to a proprietary dashboard with more detailed insights into why your sales agents end up unsuccessful in certain situations. 

    One of the program’s features called Rebuttal Opportunities shows the number of times the agents have attempted to redirect the customers’ objections with counter propositions. DNC Violations, on the other hand, allows you to determine which agents are following proper procedures.

    Beyond providing statistics, the dashboard also allows you to carry out qualitative analyses of the calls by identifying the reasons why the customers did not convert. This presents an opportunity for your sales team to refine their approach and conduct coaching, where necessary.

    The dashboard makes it easy to assess agents’ performance through their individual rankings. Equipped with this knowledge, you can readily pinpoint which agents require further education for professional development, and which ones deserve rewards for positive reinforcement.

    With this latest addition to their line of service features, Call Criteria endeavors to afford their clients the necessary tools to improve their processes, and ultimately, their bottom lines.

    As the company states, “Everyone wants to gain maximum return on investment abilities through their sales. We provide state of the art sales performance tracking software to show you everything that is required and offer new opportunities to increase your ROI through new and existing channels.”

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