Remove Ferrous Impurities for Best Product Durability & Lower Maintenance Costs


    Reduce your heavy machinery maintenance cost and increase the lifespan of existing power production systems with Vento Global’s rotational magnetic black powder removal filters. Get less downtime and save on maintenance and repair costs

    Vento Global, a Croatia-based company that partnered with One Eye Industries from Canada, has launched a maintenance solution for heavy machinery which is designed to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime, as well as extend the life of industrial components. The product will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint by extending equipment longevity and reduce wasteful disposal of items during routine maintenance and servicing.

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    The magnetic particle filtration system enables particles of less than 4 microns to be removed from lubricated systems, compared to current filters which often only remove particles down to 10 microns. The magnetic rotational separators remove 95% of ferrous contaminants from 1 micron up in size.

    Abrasive particles accumulate in gearboxes, hydraulics, pumps, refineries, pipelines, and water systems. A high percentage of the contaminant is ferrous and much of the non-ferrous contaminant is attracted to the ferrous particles by an electrostatic charge. This increases the efficiency of the magnetic filtration system.

    The filters are particularly useful to the mining, oil, gas, and energy production companies as they can be cleaned and reused, saving on replacement costs. They are designed to operate without causing flow restrictions thus helping to protect pumps, valves, and process equipment.

    Gearboxes, hydraulics, pumps, refineries, wind turbines, pipelines, and water systems can benefit from this new patented filtration system which can reduce repair costs, minimize downtime and lower the cost of repairs. The filters stop abrasive particles build-up in hydrocarbon fluids, gases, refined products, petrochemicals, and water.

    The driving force behind Vento Global Group, Miroslav Gojak, is an engineer and entrepreneur with a personal commitment to making the heavy industry more environmentally friendly. More information on his work and his experiences is available at

    Miroslav said: “In the Vento Global Group, we are passionate about Energy Production & Professional Heavy Mining. We believe the future of those industries lies in drastic improvement to the efficiency of maintenance and in extending the lifetime of already installed equipment. Our aim is to encourage companies to use their resources and assets by applying new, innovative, and sometimes disruptive technologies in order to make a positive change.”

    Increase durability of your parts and improve your sustainability with this technologically advanced filter system that is capable of being cleaned and reused, not thrown away and replaced. Let Vento Global save you money on your maintenance and repair bills.

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