Retain Your Customers During Peak Demand With This Efficient Online Waiting Room


    Are you losing customers during times of peak demand? This surge-protection service might be the ideal solution!

    Virtual waiting room application, Queue-Fair, has launched an expanded range of services for its patented online holding page.

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    The platform makes it easier for your business to handle peak demand at a time when increasing numbers of people are using internet-based shopping and services.

    Most online system architecture is designed around expected demand and usual traffic rates. Even the largest companies use this methodology when implementing an online system. If your website or online service receives higher-than-usual demand, it is usually not possible to immediately scale the system.

    According to Google, 53% of mobile website visitors will leave page if they don’t see a response in 3 seconds. The Queue-Fair platform is designed to provide your business with an efficient and reliable safeguard against peaks in service demand.

    The system provides a holding page that excess users are sent to when your web-server receives more visitors than it can handle.

    The branded holding page works on a first-come first-serve basis. Your users are informed that they are in a queue and what the expected waiting time is. They are then redirected to the website at a rate that is controlled by you.

    In addition to retaining customers, Queue-Fair has several other benefits. Clients who have been queued in an online waiting room can see that they have been treated fairly and often this results in a greater degree of trust, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

    The Queue-Fair platform is hosted on fully-redundant, secure tier 3 servers, which ensures a high level of reliability. Owing to the way the system operates, costs are kept to a minimum and Queue-Fair claim they will beat any quote for online surge-protection.

    Queue-Fair was founded and developed by Matt King as a solution for handling website traffic surges after he tried to purchase tickets for the popular music festival, Glastonbury. Mr King filed a patent for the system with the European Patent Office in 2004, and having recognized Mr King as the original developer and patent holder of such a service, the European Patent Office has rejected patent applications by other virtual waiting room providers as not novel and lacking inventive step over the Queue-Fair patent.

    A satisfied client stated: “Your software meant that everyone was held in a queue away from our server and allowed a gentle flow of buyers to pass through the system. It was great. Any online store which has a rush of customers would find this really useful.”

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