San Antonio TX Firm Offers Social Driven Financial Platform for Businesses


    Want to make financial data engaging and insightful? This new platform is the product you’ve been looking for!

    San Antonio, TX-based Simplex Financials, Inc. announces the launch of its new social financial platform. Called Path, this system allows your team to collaborate on financial data, which can boost productivity and fast-track business growth.

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    This new platform was released to help turn your raw financial data into actionable business intelligence and clear-cut KPIs. Path seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online, meaning there is no need to install specialized software or conduct extensive training.

    The platform has three main components that make data modeling and productive collaboration easier. The first is called Data Mash, which allows you to perform a wide variety of financial computations using QuickBooks data by applying either pre-existing or custom formulas.

    The second pillar feature is called Bridge, which acts as a social hub for your team. Similar to other platforms, users can post photos, leave messages, and upload files, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.

    To ensure that tasks do not fall through the cracks, Path also has a built-in to-do list. The platform does financial analysis to uncover suggestions on how to improve your operations, and these action points can be assigned to your colleagues.

    Furthermore, the financial data can be shared selectively with certain team members ensuring the utmost privacy. This feature is useful when you are granting permission to sensitive data, such as budget proposals or operating costs.

    Path’s suite of tools can help your company get a big-picture view of its finances and identify potential growth opportunities. Its AI-guided suggestions can also uncover untapped cash reserves in your current operation.

    Simplex Financials, Inc. is a leading financial innovation expert that specializes in delivering results-driven solutions. With Path, it aims to make financial data more approachable and transparent so that companies can make agile but data-driven decisions.

    A spokesperson says: “Data and insight are two different things, but many companies conflate one for the other. Our new system called Path fills that gap by turning otherwise meaningless numbers into actual business intelligence that can help companies grow.”

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