Solar-Powered Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Get Off The Grid


    Stop relying on your utility company! Enjoy the independence and resilience offered by GoSun.

    The solar appliance manufacturer GoSun based in Cincinnati, OH has introduced a portable solar kitchen, so you do not need to depend on a power grid to cook and refrigerate your food, purify water, charge your electronic devices, or even take a shower.

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    By releasing this bundle of small kitchen appliances, the company can help you live off the grid, travel in comfort, and sustain yourself in case of an emergency. The solar kitchen includes GoSun’s hybrid fusion oven, water purification and sanitation system, coffee maker, and electric cooler.

    The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Ida demonstrates the importance of having a back-up system in case of emergencies. According to The Weather Channel, over a million buildings in southeast Louisiana have no power, and over 700,000 people lack clean drinking water. GoSun’s portable kitchen could provide power and water purification in those kinds of disaster scenarios.

    The self-contained kitchen is also handy if you own an RV or boat, or great for just camping. You can enjoy the comforts of home—a sink, shower, oven, coffee maker, etc. while you explore the world. The appliances can be powered by the sun or plugged into the 12volt outlet found in cars, boats, and RVs. The package also includes a Powerbank that can charge laptops, phones, and solar appliances.

    Solar power gives you independence, because you do not need to depend on governments or utility companies. Using solar energy is also better for the environment. GoSun makes it easier for you to live off grid by offering efficient, multipurpose appliances that integrate with one another.

    About GoSun:

    This leader in solar energy innovation provides customers with clean, safe and practical solar solutions for cooking, cooling, and charging. The Gosun fusion won a Climate Change Innovation Award in 2019 and a CES Innovative Product Award in 2021. The company started in a small suburban garage, but now has over 100,000 customers. GoSun is also offering equity through crowd-funding

    A satisfied customer said: “These products are the beginning of a new era of living. As someone who is getting farther and farther away from being reliant on the grid, GoSun’s products are the perfect fit.”

    If you are looking for a flexible, environmentally friendly way to cook, cool, charge, and purify water, check out the GoSun portable solar kitchen. It even comes with a one-year warranty.

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