Solve All Your Medical Administration Needs With New Management Software


    If you and your clinic are bogged down trying to finish paperwork, reschedule appointments and process invoices look no further than the latest in practice management software from the admin experts Power Diary.  

    Power Diary, a scheduling software firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has released a new management system designed specifically for medical practices. The software has been developed to assist clinics of all sizes to better manage their appointments, patients and invoices. 

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    The software launch follows a recent study conducted by the American College of Physicians which indicated that for every hour a physician spends treating patients they spend nearly two additional hours doing paperwork. 

    That’s why Power Diary believes their new software can help you cut down on these time-consuming administrative tasks, leaving more time for patient care. 

    In particular, their new clinic management software helps you to automate and streamline these auxiliary tasks. By providing a clean, user-friendly interface Power Diary offers you complete integration of appointment calendars with patient data, treatment notes, invoices, referrals and results. 

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    Offering a range of replicable pro forma documents and templates, the software can also considerably cut down on the time you spend taking notes, sending referrals and issuing prescriptions.  

    Additionally, as the global pandemic continues to impact the way medicine is practiced, Power Diary’s sophisticated system also enables you to conduct telehealth video calls and schedule these appointments simply within the existing calendar framework. 

    The firm offers a flexible pricing scheme that can be tailored to suit the size of any clinic, with subscription options to cover everything from solo operations to clinics with hundreds of staff members. 

    This software is suitable for general practitioners, medical specialists, mixed discipline clinics and practitioners working in fields of holistic health including osteopathy and naturopathy. 

    Power Diary is proud to support clinicians with a management system that uses the best in security technology, can be accessed anywhere, is user-friendly and comes with unlimited free support. 

    A spokesperson for the firm said, “Instead of having a separate place for your client contact records, treatment notes, appointment calendar, invoicing and more, you can have all of this information in one, integrated place. Our practice management software can make many tasks significantly more efficient and can help you understand what’s happening in your clinic so that you can make improvements.” 

    Don’t let admin tasks get in the way of the critical business of treating your patients. Instead, let Power Diary’s software solution help improve the quality of the care that you can provide. 

    If you are ready to take your clinic’s functionality to the next level visit to see how Power Diary can improve your workflow.