Southern California Report Warns Of Shady Utility Companies And Rising Rates


    For many Southern California homeowners, converting to solar energy is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if.’ With close to 300 days per year of sun or partial sun, converting to solar to eliminate utility bills and contribute to healthier environments just makes sense. A report released by industry experts Option One Solar says not so fast. Energy companies are getting wise to the negative impact solar power is having on their revenues, and are up to some pretty shady tactics to try to get solar energy users to keep paying.

    From eliminating utility bills to locking in a long-term fixed cost to protect you from electric company rate increases, there are many benefits to going solar. To help you get the full picture, solar energy solutions provider Option One Solar has released a report titled “Net-Zero and The Importance of System Size.” The report helps you understand the benefits of net-zero solar power systems and explains the rate plans utility companies have put in place to safeguard their own revenues.

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    Today’s household energy consumption patterns have changed. The report released by Option One Solar explains why solar panels not only play a crucial role in the preservation of the planet, but can also reduce or even eliminate your utility costs. The report cautions, however, that a billing system implemented by utility companies known as a TOU, or “Time of Use” automatically charges solar energy users for what they consume between 4pm to 9pm, when energy draws are at their highest. Improperly installed panels risk costing you more if they’re not set up to offset the billing strategies power companies have devised.

    The Option One Solar report helps you understand the overall benefits of a net-zero solar panel installation by explaining tax incentives, the higher home resale value you can realize, how you can minimize your ecological and carbon footprint, and the potential for significant returns on your investment which can convert a monthly $150 investment into $287,682 over 25 years!

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    With the release of their recent report, “Net-Zero and The Importance of System Size,” the team at Option One Solar want to help you understand the benefits solar energy brings to the environment while also spelling out the billing strategies utility companies have in place that are designed to maximize revenues. The report explains why a professional solar panel installation is crucial if you want the optimal savings available, and the best returns on your investment.

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