Steps Digital Product Manager Must Take to Increase Team Communication, Collaboration, and Team Flow


    Are you wasting time, money, and missing opportunities due to a bloated or broken enterprise product management process? Would you like to learn how to streamline your processes to improve product team productivity?

    Prodeams has announced the launch of its new SWIFT Mentoring Method online course if you are a digital product manager looking to enhance the productivity and abilities of your virtual product teams. 

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    The newly launched SWIFT Mentoring Method course from Prodeams aims to give you the ability to help improve your communication, productivity, and motivation as a digital product manager within your team, as well as reducing stress, anxiety, and wasted time caused by outdated frameworks.

    When working as a product manager within a virtual product team, you may find it challenging to ensure that all areas of your team are working to the best of their abilities. These issues can often stem from established frameworks and work practices that have not been updated or have failed to adapt to changes and growth in the business. The online course from Prodeams aims to help you learn how to remove unnecessary steps within current frameworks and focus on increasing your team’s success through its five-module SWIFT Mentoring Method online course.

    The SWIFT Mentoring Method course gives you the benefit of a twelve-week course covering key information on areas such as the core roles within product teams, framework analysis, best practices, team communication, and decision making. Each module within the course aims to work together in order to develop you into a product manager who is confident in your abilities while also being highly valued and motivated. More information on the SWIFT Mentoring Method can be found here

    The course by Prodeams is delivered through a variety of live web classes and recorded presentations with supplemental eBooks, interviews, and mini-courses that aim to give you an immersive and comprehensive learning experience. Furthermore, the course is limited to 100 students per quarter, allowing for exclusive and intimate learning through private communities on both Facebook and LinkedIn. 

    Raise your abilities as a product manager to improve your virtual teams’ productivity and success with Prodeams’ SWIFT Mentoring Method course today!

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